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Something like the 40 of your brand.

You can be Drake.

Producing your sound is what we do.  The goal is to curate and project your brand in a way that is identifiable and undeniable.

Black Ink. is a collaborative experience.

Our Doctors

Our goal is to assist in the curation and projection of informative and persuasive writing for small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs.

Local Family Business
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Image by Chase Chappell
Beauty Vlogger
Small Businesses

Businesses with less than 10 employees.


Start-up For-Profit and Non-profit organizations.


Individuals operating a business.


Blogs and Social Influence.

How it Works

What brings you by?

I need a specific service.

Black Ink offers services per request. This includes but is not limited to biographies, pamphlets, letters, statements, applications and presentations. 

I struggle with writing.

So many do. It takes time and creativity. Black Ink offers consultations to provide assistance OR you can just let us do the work. 

I can't find my voice

This takes time. Consultations can be scheduled to help you identify your branding voice. It should be distinct and unique to you! 

The Voice.

What does your business sound like? It's all about finding the happy medium between talking to a relative and talking like Clifford Harris. Black Ink. helps you by identifying a voice that connects you directly to your audience.


We say "identify" because your brand already has a voice. A lot of small businesses and organizations struggle with projecting. How your brand sounds is vital. 

Black Ink. will stand in as The Voice of your brand. We've done it for others and would love to do it for you. Check out a few small businesses that have trusted the process.

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