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You're Doing Way Too Much.

Your time is valuable. Get some of it back.




  1. Weekly Email Marketing 

  2. Social media graphics and captions

  3. On-Call Assistance

    • Copywriting​

    • Content Writing

  4. Weekly check-ins​

  5. Monthly strategy sessions



  1. Weekly Email Marketing

  2. Social media captions (Graphics not included)

  3. On-Call Assistance 

    • Copywriting​

    • Content Writing

  4. Weekly check-ins​

  5. Monthly strategy session



  1. Weekly Email Marketing

  2. Weekly Text Message Automation

  3. Monthly Strategy Session

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We'll Take It From Here.

When you select a package with Black Ink, you receive quality writing with the luxury of convenience. All packages include a few of the featured items below. 

Branding Packages are available for 3, 6 or 12 month contracts.


To build your own package, schedule a consultation.

Email Marketing

Sales, updates and other notifications sent directly to your consumers. Biweekly and weekly options available. Looking to grow your audience? Black Ink offers Email Marketing Hunts that will expose your brand to your target-audience.

Document Editing

Your work is great, but it could  just be missing something. We sprinkle the missing touches required for existing documents.


It's as simple as making things sound better than they already are. This can be used for automated messages, product descriptions, website content + more!

Social Media Captions

It's all about interactions and engagements. With up to 25 captions per month, your brand stays consistent! To select this service under contract, customers must have an automation application such as Hopper HQ.

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